1:500 000 Topo-Admin Maps

1:500 000 small scale index.

The 1:500 000 topo-admin maps depict similar information as the 1:250 000 maps but more generalised, and without the cadastral information. Magisterial districts are shown.

The series consists of 23 sheets, each generally covering an area of 2 degrees of latitude by 4 degrees of longitude. This map is used for national and regional planning but is also used for purposes such as route 1:500 000 topo-admin mapsplanning and travelling.

Projection : Lambert Conformal Conic with 2 standard parallels.
Sheets north of latitude 25º South : 17º30'South and 23º30' South.
Sheets south of latitude 25º South : 26º40' South and 33º20' South.
Sheet area covered : 2º x 4º (generally).
Ellipsoid : WGS84.